Return to Goose Point Campground

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We have found a new favorite place to camp in Goose Point campground, right outside of Bassett, VA.  This outstanding Army Corps of Engineers Park  captured our hearts while we were traveling on our trip of a lifetime  out to California and back.  It was one of our first stops, and we were only able to stay for three days.  We loved it so much that we vowed to return for a longer stay.   This August we managed to go back for a two week stay, and although we had a few glitches in our trip, it was a wonderful two weeks.  We took our canoe with us, and really got to enjoy the absolutey gorgeous pristine Philpott lake this time.  There are many wonderful campsites right on the lake.  We stayed in campsite 29 which has a beautiful view, but is small for a thirty foot trailer.  Also,  the site for the trailer is unlevel with a large uphill slant, so you have to really jack  your trailer up.   There was no room left on the site for the truck unless we wedged it right next to the trailer, which was a real challenge.   However, we had a great time fishing, swimming, boating and just relaxing and enjoying the mountain air and the view of the lake.   We will definately go back again, probably next summer.

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