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We just returned from a wonderful few days at Tom’s cove in Chincoteague VA.   We’ve been camping at Tom’s Cove for 25 years now, and still love Chincoteague, although we are finding Tom’s Cove is becoming more and more expensive to stay at.   Their sites have gone up on the waterfront from $40.00 to around $60.oo including the 10% tax that the state and town charge.

Our usual activities include going to the beach in the daytime, and driving around the wildlife loop where you can see plenty of wildlife and wildfowl including deer, ducks, egrets, and of course the famous wild Chincoteague ponies.  We even saw an eagle perched in the tree that we have seen a pair nesting in previous years.  Chincoteague has a pony auction that is sponsered by the firemen, who own the wild ponies.  The ‘Saltwater Cowboys’ of the fire department swim the herd  from the wildlife refuge into the town where they hold a carnival and auction off some of the young ponies.  We arrived right after the auction week, and there were still some ponies that had been sold but were too young to take away from their mothers so they were being held in a pen by the fire house.  We had two of our grandaughters with us, and they were enchanted as always by the babies.  We could only stay for five days this trip, but this is one of our very favorite places, so we will surely be back there again soon.

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